Our Exterior Painting Process

The exterior painting process may vary depending on the job. Generally, when we do a repaint of a Muskoka residence, we do so as follows.

We perform a thorough pressure wash (with TSP) of the entire surface to be painted to remove mold, mildew, grease and other dirt. We then wait for a period of time (weather dependent) for the washing to completely dry. We repair rotten or damaged wood, we replace defective caulking and plug holes in the siding.

We cover all plant life and other surfaces to ensure that no paint drips onto them. We scrape and sand the old finish as necessary. We mask the surfaces (such as windows) that are not to be painted.

We then apply the paint finish in a manner that befits the type of siding and the job. After painting your house, we perform major cleanup to ensure that things were as they were before we began.

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