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We are Muskoka Painters. We are professional, affordable, neat, and timely, and we will paint anywhere in Muskoka. Our services range from small decks or docks to large commercial buildings. We welcome both residential and commercial painting projects and we do both interior and exterior work.

Our Services

We are primarily house painters in Muskoka, but we do provide other services as well. Whether it is your home, cottage, or business, Finer Strokes Painters can provide you with the best quality and customer satisfaction in all of Muskoka. To summarize, we will paint virtually anything! Have a look at the services we provide below:

  • Exterior Painting:

    Staining, wood siding, vinyl siding, metal siding, Hardie siding, other synthetic sidings, docks, decking, pergolas, trellises, swings, Muskoka rooms, furniture, signage & more

  • Interior Painting

    Interior drywall, windows, trim, pine ceilings, millwork, and more

  • Surface Preparation

    Scraping, sanding, caulking, puttying, drywall repair, lead-paint removal, cleaning, wall paper removal, carpet removal, driveway power-washing

  • Other Services

    Carpentry, power washing, window washing, gutter cleaning

Muskoka Painters Service Area

We provide house painting services for Muskoka and the surrounding areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Huntsville Area:

    All of Huntsville: including Ravenscliffe, Aspdin, Port Sydney, Utterson, Allensville, Hillside, South Portage, Baysville, Newholm

  • Bracebridge Area:

    All of Bracebridge: including Uffington, Muskoka Falls, Macaulay and Vankoughnet

  • Muskoka Lakes:

    All of Muskoka Lakes: Including Windermere, Bent River, Raymond, Beatrice, Minnet, Ullswater, Bala, Glen Orchard, Rosseau, Port Carling, Milford Bay, Port Sandfield, Port Keewaydin, Foot's Bay, Seguin, Port Cockburn, and Minett (Lake Joseph, Lake Muskoka)

  • Lake of Bays Area:

    Including Dwight, Dorset, Oxtongue Lake, Fox Point, Port Cunnington, and Haliburton

  • Gravenhurst Area:

    All of Gravenhurst: Including Wood, Muskoka, Kilworthy and surrounding area

  • Parry Sound Area:

    Including Novar, Melissa, Katrine, Emsdale, Perry, Emsdale, Almaguin, Bay Lake, Sand Lake, Sundridge, and Kearney

  • Haliburton Area:

    West Haliburton

  • Simcoe Area:

    Including Orillia and Washago

For a free estimate


When can I expect to have my painting quote done?

Most of our estimates are prepared and delivered in writing immediately after the first visit. At the latest, you will receive a written proposal within three business days. 

Do you include the cost of paint in your quote?

Yes. We break down our estimates so that you know what exactly what you are paying for and how long it will take.

What hours do you operate?

Typically, our work day commences at 8am and finishes at 5pm, but we can work around your schedule as required

Are you insured?

Yes, by carrying liability insurance, we offer our clients protection. All our staff are also insured with WSIB insurance

Can I expect that my job will be completed from start to finish without interruption?

es. We will continue to work on your project during business hours until it is complete, which includes clean up.

How many employees will be working on my job?

It depends on the size of the project. On smaller jobs you can expect to see two people, and there will be three or more on larger jobs. One thing you can always expect to see is a member of our management team on site. 

Will you provide references?

Yes, multiple past references can be provided upon request.

What is the difference between latex and alkyd paint?

Latex paint is paint that can be thinned out and cleaned up by water; it is used as a base for emulsion paints. Alkyd paint is a synthetic resin paint that is oil based. Generally, for environmental reasons, oil based paints are being phased out or replaced.

What is acrylic paint?

Dyes and inks that are suspended in a synthetic resin emulsion. Once dry, it helps interior paints with adhesion, as well as coverage

Can you cover an oil-based paint with latex?

Generally, yes. If the oil base is flat, it will adhere, but if the oil base has a sheen then no. However, some latex paints are created specifically to do this. You can first cover the shiny oil based paint with a special primer and then the paint will adhere.

Can you cover a latex paint with an oil-based paint?

Yes. Both interior and exterior.

Why is it that oil base white paints later turn yellow?

It is the alkyd resins in oil-based paint that are to blame. They cause a gradual yellowing of white and off-white colours.

Can I do anything to paint over an oil-based paint with a latex paint?

You can “rough up” the surface by sanding, which will help the adhesion of the latex. You can also apply a primer to the surface which will work as a barrier coat.

Is there any paint that I can get that will prevent mildew growth?

No. Mildew is a living organism and is able to feed on all sorts of surfaces (besides metals and zinc). There are ways that you can kill mildew, such as washing it off with a mixture of bleach and water (1L of bleach to 3.79L of water). Unfortunately, if you live in an area where mildew grows, it will always eventually come back, but proper surface preparation will mitigate this effect.

 Is it safe to paint over mildew, mould, or lichen?

Yes, you can, but we would not advise it. Mildew can grow into the finish coat of the paint. You will want to remove it with a product designed to do so (e.g., TSP/water solution - see above).

Muskoka Painters

Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Or read about our ServicesFrequently Asked Questions and have a look at our Portfolio. At Finer Strokes Painters we make a promise to our clients: Top-notch performance and quality on every painting project.

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