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Interior Painting in Muskoka

Before any paint job, the most important step is preparation. This is even truer when it comes to interior painting. Some of the aspects of interior painting prep include: drop cloths, masking, taping, surface repairs, choice of paint type (brand. Oil or latex), choice of primer, choice of color, washing and other factors. Beyond this, we have to select an appropriate finish be it flat, high gloss, medium gloss, satin, eggshell, textured or no texture. As you can see, there are a number of choices!

Covering areas that are not to receive paint is especially important in a repaint. We mask, tape and drop cloth thoroughly before any paint is introduced. This ensures that your other finishes (furniture upholstery, carpet) do not get any paint. All paint is difficult to clean up and oil paint even more so. So careful prep before you get started is a must!

When it comes to surface prep, we dust, repair drywall, plaster and other finishes. We can fix larger damage with drywall mud. We do not proceed to the paint finishing process until we are completely satisfied with the prep.

We almost exclusively finish drywall with latex paint. It is non-toxic and easier to clean up. That being said, we sometimes have to use oil if there is excessive moisture in an area. Latex paint has come a long way. If you choose the right finish, it is even sometimes possible now to do showers in latex. However, we still primarily use oil.

The paint application is cut in, and either rolled on or sprayed. The process goes as follow, coat, sand, coat, sand, coat repeat as necessary. This ensures that the finished product is free from defects..

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